I build Robot-Employees that automate the sales process via Facebook Messenger.

Helping you automate your business's marketing attracting new and old paying customers consistently and sustainably. 

You only have to pay a Robot-Employee once, they work for you 24/7 and don't ask for a pay rise.

Working with all kinds of clients from restaurants to gym owners to self-love healing coaches.

I have a range of demos from different industries you can play with below

Click the link below to experience LIVE, some of the Bot Employees we have built for our clients.

Work With Ayo

I 'm a Charity-Co Founder, Speaker, Personal Development Mentor and Facebook Advertising Expert 


I'm passionate about what I do, dedicated to help your business grow consistently, sustainably and above all...  help you get it to where YOU want it to be.

I will pinpoint and target your ideal customers with the most effective return on investment strategies using chat-bot technology. This is what I love to do.


Want To Find New Customers?


Want To Find Your Ideal Perfect Customers?


Want More Predictable And Consistent Sales?


Want Advertisng That Gets Results?


Want someone to do all the above for you? i.e Me

If you have answered YES to most,  you've landed on the right page at the right time!

My name is Ayo Adesanya, a Facebook Advertising Expert and owner of One AD Away. 

My one and only job is to attract new customers on a consistent and sustainable basis, helping you scale your business without you doing any extra work. Allowing you to spend more time on the things that matter the most to you, like delivering great services and products to your customers.



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