The On-boarding Process

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1. Welcome To One AD Away!

Please Note: The on-boarding process takes around 45-60 minutes, please leave adequate time for this. This is the most efficient marketing on-boarding process you'll ever come across.


It may take 60 min, but once it's done... it's done. No back and forth emails or stumbling for content further down the line.

2. The Emotional Journey of This Process 

3. How To Get SLACK

3.5 Setting Up Slack On Mobile With Correct Notification Set Up (Android) - Looks Similar On Iphone.

4. How To Set Up Your Facebook Business Manager So We Can RUN Ads For You

5. How To Connect Your Business Page To Your Facebook Business Manager So We Can Run Ads For You

6. How To Create Your Ad Account So We Can Run Ads For You

7. How To Assign Us Access To Your Facebook Business Manager So We Can Run Ads For You

(Contact us via SLACK if this does not work)

8. Your Google Drive Sharable Folder

9. Client AD Request Form 

10. Customer Profile Avatar (Essential, Please Fill In The Sheet With As Much Detail As Possible)

11. Book Your Strategy Session