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With my experience in the business sector, I understand how difficult it is sometimes to achieve sizeable margins. 

The process that I will put in place will produce results that will keep you motivated, happy and excited to continue doing what you do best and work with me.

Using Facebook I have the technology, the know-how and the systems in place to grow your business effectively.

Organic posting hasn't worked since Facebook re-worked their algorithm in 2012 and they are always continuously updating it. 


I actively keep up to date with all the changes Facebook make, and always update my marketing techniques, so your advertising spend with me continuously attracts the right customers to your venue and remains effective. 


The benefit of working with a social media and chat-bot expert like myself and who is able to implement a digital marketing system such as mine, is that you will be able to typically convert a good percentage of social media traffic into new paying customers. The way in which I build your adverts and chat-bot campaigns are designed to create loyal customers who will return to your business time and time again, improving your bottom-line and popularity of your business.

With a great facebook chat-bots and advertising, there is a massive opportunity to see your business grow in a short amount of time. Putting purpose into your marketing that produces measurable and sustainable results.

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If you already have a social media manager or someone in-house who you would like to be trained to run your social media marketing, I offer both 1 and 2 day bespoke training courses. The courses look at social media management in detail and how to utilise social media in accordance to your restaurant needs. These are just some of the topics I cover.

1 or 2 Day Course  

  1. Introduction Into Facebook Marketing

  2. Facebook Business Page Set-Up and Management 

  3. Facebook Ad Types

  4. Facebook Pixel

  5. Advert Strategies

  6. Facebook Ads Analysis (KPI)

  7. Facebook Reporting & Insights

  8. Sales Funnels

  9. Automated Sales Process 

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Do you find yourself worrying about your business more than you would like to?


With the right marketing strategy on social media, I will reduce, if not eliminate the worry and self-doubt. 


Social media marketing is vastly cheaper than traditional forms of marketing.


Very easy and simple to measure unlike TV adverts, magazines or newspaper articles.


I will make the numbers make sense so you can understand what your return on investment is every month. 


I won’t dump you with reports you will never read or be able to understand. 


I'm here to create a partnership with you, rather than a business transaction. 


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You can trust me when I say I will take one of the difficult and most important elements of your business out of your hands because I love marketing and business development.  

Enabling you to concentrate on the other major parts of your business.

The biggest open secret in business is that marketing is the most important factor. Without marketing, nothing happens. People have to know you exist! Even then that is not enough. You have to give them a reason to buy from you!

I must reiterate, without marketing nothing happens. If nobody knows you exist, the other components of business don’t really matter. Marketing is king, and I know how to deliver.

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